About us


Established in 2010 with an ambition to offer Innovative and State-of-the-art IT Services, architectures and solutions with clientage in 6 continents across the Globe that empowers every strata of society.

Kranti Tech Services evolved from a Talent pool of highly skilled domain experts of modern agile engineering practices and we believe in customer excellence through our robust and swift delivery mechanism.

Through our focused approach, low cost, high quality and reliable services, Kranti Tech Services has successfully created milestones in India, US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Middle East and touching more.

Our expertise in handling and implementing IT turn key projects made us proud Partners with Microsoft, Nasscom and Oracle and we believe in consistent growth to contribute value proposition to all our stakeholders.

We offer wide range of Cutting edge IT services & solutions like Architecture Consulting, Product Engineering, Cloud & Internet Scale Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Development & Maintenance Support Services. At Kranti Tech Services, we go extra step to understand the trends and patterns in our customers’ business landscapes, which help us proactively align our services with the customers’ business goals.


To value and create inspiring and innovative Technology solutions for mankind


To be revolutionized and recognized globally for exceptional and focused customer delivery with attention to detail, innovation, consistent execution and teamwork in everything we do.

Why Kranti

Value and Believes

We Value our clients – CLIENT FIRST

Kranti Tech Services is more than a company that works in a flexible and agile environment for software development process, aligning as per our clients' requirements. We value Customers at every stage and we believe in Customer delight and satisfaction rather than just a delivery

We believe in Quality – FIRST TIME RIGHT

Attempting to provide world-class services, we always strive to provide with quality work and consider "every effort counts". Excellent and consistent quality at low cost is what drives Kranti Tech Services.

We value our people – TEAM WORK

We strongly believe that teamwork produce much more effective results than individual contribution. We highly value our people and their performance and ensures providing an environment to develop their skills and offers them a rewarding career.

Best Engineering Practices – IT

This is a continuous process for us. We seek, adapt and promote new and creative Technologies and Agile processes. We are a socially aware eco-system and it is our continuous endeavor to embrace environment friendly Practices.


Kranti Project Engineering – Practices and Tools

Kranti has been successfully delivering projects for both active development and product support for years. We have an impeccable on time “ZERO” defect day record. We also undertake projects purely from production deployment perspective.
It is no coincidence that our project run on time and on budget. We have developed an effective set of tools around our agile practices.
Broadly speaking for active development projects we use Agile scrum and for L3 support projects we use Agile Kanban, while pure production deployment / devops projects are executed on a client's schedule effectively managed by our build templates.

Our Practices

Kranti is an agile organization and understand client needs change as better understanding of application is gained, this has led to choosing SCRUM for our active development projects. We further understand prioritization and generalization of a support ticket environment hence Kanban is the practice of choice for L3 support. Finally only a rigid process oriented environment can ensure a stable production leading to choice of a build templates.

Our tools

Some of the greatest thoughts we have come across are
"A fool with a tool is still a fool"
We have hence decided in true spirit of agile we will keep our tool box small and productive.
Tools have little meaning if we do not understand their purpose and do not have the understanding of their usage.
We also like to keep our tools generic and structured so that as teams are staffed they do not face a learning curve.


Bitbucket is our choice of source control, we use bit bucket for all source code. It integrates well with JIRA. The primary reason to use bit bucket is that as an organization due to given nature of our developer base we need distributed version control.

Planning poker

Planning poker is our primary tool for estimation for any project running SCRUM. It allows geographically distributed teams to work on the estimation process which usually starts while some of the team members are onsite.


JIRA is Kranti’s defacto project, requirement management and execution tool. Story planning, tracking and execution is done solely on basis of JIRA. It also provides reports which are used for client project status report in transparent and consistent manner.
Definition of done matrix – All user stories are broken into contestant tasks like design, developer test case writing, code, testing and so on.. These tasks are given a fixed percentage of time as described by definition of done matrix and are tasked out. These are then used to calculate if the user is on track.
We use XUnit framework for TDD.

Leadership Team

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    sankalp goel

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    Gaurav Kumar
    Chief Executive Officer

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    gaurav verma
    Principal Architect